How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently

So maybe you actually messed one thing up and want to delete a Blogger blog for good, however you do not know how? You may have encountered a mistake message you cannot eliminate, or it would be one thing wrong with the looks. Endeavour to read this post to the very end to understand the full details on how to Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently without stress.

Blogger lets you to make up to a hundred blogs without fear concerning information measure, however typically we tend to simply wish to cut back the quantity of junk blogs from our list to keep it short and straightforward. During this process, we tend to might have set that it's time to delete it. Therefore how does one delete a blog on Blogger permanently for good?

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Important! Removing or deleting your Blogger blog will delete all of your blog information, as well as your existing blog posts and contents. This suggests that your blog guests will not be able to read your blog any longer, which posts and pages related to that Blogger are removed from your blog.

How to Delete a Blog on Blogger Permanently for good

1. If you're not already logged in, log into your Blogger account at

2. From the Dashboard (that's the realm you see right once work in this lists all of your diarys) choose the blog you would like to delete. make certain that you just click on the correct diary if you have got quite one.

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3. Navigate to the Settings tab and just under it the opposite possibility. Click on that.


4. On the proper facet is that the web log tools section. To proceed with the deletion then click on the Delete web log link.

If you think that you will need to return back to your web log or you've posts that you simply need to stay, you'll be able to use the Export web log tool to export your web log before you delete it. You'll be able to either transfer your web log posts to your desktop or export it in an exceedingly format which will be foreign into different fashionable blogging formats.

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5. Confirm that you simply need to delete it and you are done.


Once you have ironed the Delete This web log button, you may be redirected to the Dashboard. Notice that your web log is not any longer displayed within the list of blogs. If you would like to look at your deleted web log you'll be able to click on the Deleted blogs link on the left facet of your Blogger Dashboard to visualize your recently deleted blogs.


Here you will be ready to see your deleted web log together with details of its deletion date. To revive your web log, click on the Undelete button. Please detain mind that deleted blogs will be reconditioned inside ninety days.

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In this tutorial, we've lined some basic reasons why we would need to delete a Blogger web log for good and also the steps concerned in deleting a Blogger web log. rather than deleting the web log, you furthermore may have the choice of creating your web log non-public. By creating it personal, the blogs are going to be unbroken in your Blogger account however nobody are going to be ready to read the blog without your permission. That's all we need to do to delete a blogger blog permanently. Remember to give us some feedbacks using the comment box below Thanks.
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