How To Hide My IP Address On Android Devices

If your are longing for a real trick to hide your Android device's 
IP address for your privacy reasons then you're at right place, here we’re sharing with you the way you'll be able to hide your IP address of your Android Smartphone. First you must understand if you’re hiding your IP address for hacking any server or website then I clear that nobody will hide their IP address from firewall as a result, if you’re making an attempt to hack any server you’ll get caught by their security agents simply or from cops, this result your rest off life become like crazy. So I’m advising​ you to remain aloof from hacking.

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Generally, hidden IP address will assist you to merely visit those web site that are blocked in your country. Government blocked some websites, videos and apps that aren't applicable for kids. You can visit any web site, install any apps, watch any videos once you have hidden your Android Smartphone’s IP address.

How To Hide My IP Address On Android Devices

You can hide your IP address by using app, yeah associate app will hide your IP address. Here could be a list of best Android Smartphone apps which can secure your browsing and hide your IP address.

1. HotSpot Shield : HotSpot shield offer apps for all major OS like windows, Mac, Android, IOS. With hotspot defend you'll be able to hide you IP address. Hotspot shield will shield your privacy and identity with encrypted browsing. You can browse all blocked web site while not being hacked from any place. Easy to use with straight forward UI(User interface) and this app also can scale back your account.

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Hot spot defend could be a VPN (virtual personal network) which can change your IP address to a US, UK’s IP address which may facilitate to shield your privacy. This feature helps to secure from hackers who wilhack your information with the assistance of your IP Address.

You can download this app from Google play store or from the other app store for free of charge.

2. Tunnel Bear : Tunnel Bear is very similar to HotSpot Shield in terms of hiding your IP address.Tunnel bear blocked all the strategies, like buttons, visitor huntsman, statistics tools or a lot of which may track everything concerning you, location and your family. This app is solely best as a result of it's programme, you just got to off and on to alter or disable you protection on Tunnel Bear. Tunnel bear also can hide your country's IP  address to a different US primarily based IP address.

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Tunnel bear is accessible for Windows laptop, Mac, IOS, Android, you can download from any app store.

3. Tiger VPN : Tiger VPN is one in every of the most effective VPN apps which may shield your privacy, this app does the same work as Hotspot defend and Tunnel Bear however still this app is on the last within the list simply because Tiger VPN is accessible for Premium, its free versions is accessible only for three Days.
Tiger VPN is accessible for Windows laptop, Mac, IOS, Android, you can download from any app store.

Other Apps For Hiding Your IP Address which I wouldn't go further to describe but serves a better and superb purposes are listed below.

➡ SurfEasy VPN
 VPN Master
 Touch VPN

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These are all the various Android IP Address hiding Application i have tried and are of good and quality benefits.
I will advice you to use Hotspot Shield as a result of victimisation, HotSpot Shield is extremely straight forward with its simple user programme. So you'll be able to download Hotspot on your Android devices. Others also are the most effective VPN apps that can secure your privacy by hiding your IP address on your Android devices. Thanks for your time and never forget to give us some feedback with the comment box below.
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