How To Receive Payments With Uk Or USA Google AdSense Account From Nigeria

Today we are trying to unveil a problem on how to receive payments with UK Or USA Google AdSense Account From Nigeria and how to solve it. Doing this is quite easy so all you need to do is to patient and follow all the steps am going to be dropping below. So make sure to read this article step by step to fully understand how to solve this problem without skipping anyone. Without wasting much time let's commence.

Last time we posted How To Verify Your UK or USA AdSense Account from Nigeria but someone asked me a question which is “But after verifying how do I receive payments from a UK/US adSense acct in Nigeria?” Isn’t that a good question? of course that’s a wonderful question.

Now in this post I will talk about receiving your US or UK AdSense earnings after it has reached your payment threshold from Nigeria.

Two ways on how to receive payment with UK or USA Google AdSense account from Nigeria

Payoneer is an Innovative Payment Solutions for a Borderless World.
Payoneer is Global payment processor which give chance to enormous organizations to pay out their workers easily worldwide. It will also give you the opportunity to buy, transfer money and pay for things online.

When you sign up for Payoneer account, you will get US bank account details to be able to get your payment from company e.g Google AdSense, Infolinks etc.

To sign up for Payoneer master card click here

After you signed up, your dashboard will look like this one below

Payoneer MasterCard


The Payoneer MasterCard is widely accepted all over the world and its can also be used to as a good option for Google AdSense Payment.

Payoneer MasterCard will be sent to you in Nigeria after you have successfully signed up for Payoneer account witb your original details​ and you can withdraw money through it on any ATM machine in Nigeria.

See how my PAYONEER MasterCard looks like


I blurred some of my personal details on the card for security reasons.

Since you can withdraw money with your Payoneer MasterCard, then you just need to register your account details on your AdSense Dashboard where your cash will be sent directly to the Payoneer MasterCard. However, on the condition that the Google Adsense has the alternative to withdraw with US or UK Bank Account through ACH (which your US or UK AdSense account has).

Integrating Your Payoneer Account with Google AdSense

The Payoneer Account gives you a US Checking Bank Account details which gives a US checking account number, routine number, debit card, Name of bank, etc.

Go to your AdSense dashboard exactly at the top corner, you’ll see the payment alternative and you’ll see direct bank transfer.

 Give Payoneer account details which includes full name, bank name, account number, routine number and other details.

 Ensure the name on Adsense is the same with the name on Payoneer Account

 The Google Adsense has enabled withdraw from US Bank by means of ACH

 Make sure you read terms and condition and click save.

 After a brief review, you will begin to receive your AdSense Earnings sent directly to your Payoneer Account which can be withdrawn at any ATM Machine in Nigeria.

 This is how I’ve been receiving my earnings since this year without any charges, fees or delay. I just receive my alerts, then I run straight to nearby ATM Machine and withdraw my earnings.

But let me tell you something about Payoneer, this is a very good bank but you are required to pay annual fee charge which is $30 for maintenance. Quite alright any AdSense publisher can afford that amount.

Family And Relations Or Friends

If you have any trusted relation over there you can enquire from him or her to assist you with opening a bank account for you there either with your name or his but he will be in control of the bank account.

So you can use his or her bank details to integrate you Google AdSense write transfer. Remember you should be in close or good relationship with such person and always in contact so as for the bank verification to be faster and easier. That's all for the second procedure on how to receive payment with UK or USA Google AdSense account.

Note: Don’t leave too much money in your Payoneer account because I have received many reports of hacked Payoneer account and that’s why I withdraw my earnings fast and pay it into my Nigeria Bank Account. You can also receive payments from anybody in the US through Payoneer account fast without any problem.

Advice: US AdSense is better for Payoneer than the UK. But I have not tried UK AdSense before so if this is a lie kindly tell by commenting below. This is all I do know on how to receive payment with UK or USA Google AdSense Account from Nigeria. If you ever found this post useful please remember to share it so others can also know on how to solve their own problems too. Thanks for your patience and time.
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