Blaze On Etisalat Unlimited Downloading And Browsing

Welcome to, Etisalat remains making an attempt of their best to manage their corporation very well by introducing blaze on for unlimited downloading and browsing, therefore as for them to not lose their precious customers.

Etisalat has punched the clock with their own time based mostly knowledge arrange referred to as Blaze On, steam-powered by Comptel’s FWD answer. I will tell you that there's nothing pretty much as good as a timely based mostly unlimited knowledge arrange in AN setting of excellent network reception.


Timely based data plan was first introduced by Airtel in 2015, by then, you'll be able to get 1hour with simply N180 to transfer unlimited, however Airtel later increased  the value which was however the Airtel timely based mostly knowledge arrange was buried alive. Get 4GB On Airtel With #1000

Etisalat is currently taking on from wherever Airtel stopped. Etisalat Blaze on is that the quickest and easiest method for Etisalat customers to attach to the web and learn to use Etisalat BIS on Android Phone. You get connected regardless of wherever you're, just by selecting the foremost appropriate regular payment for you.

With BlazeOn knowledge Plans, you'll be able to get 10min for N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 or select the 1hour arrange. inside the jurisdiction of this usage, you'll be able to transfer unlimited till some time expires.


To Benefit From Etisalat Blaze On Timely Data Plan

Text “blazeon” to 229 or simply transfer & install the blaze on app.
Download Blaze On from Google Play Store here or transfer the raw file here
Set up the app and you're smart to travel.

Blaze on notifies you of your association standing. you'll be able to additionally check your balance at any time from the app.

Your time plans co-exists with existing bundle plans however takes priority. Solely offered for Android 4.0 and above, not presently offered for Apple iOS devices.

If you have got an enormous file to transfer over world wide web and etisalat speed in your location is ok, you may extremely love this data plan once you give it a shot. That's all on the new etisalat blaze on unlimited browsing and downloading. Remember to drop your comments below. Thanks for your time
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