How To Use X-Pen On Infinix Note 4 PRO

This post is handy for those that are accustomed to the use of X-Pen on Infinix Note 4 PRO or maybe you're desiring on obtaining the Infinix Note four PRO. Here may be an easy tutorial on a way to use the X-pen effectively and judiciously.

1. Charge
Open the smartphone Note four PRO and insert the XPen into the holster. The XPen are choked with electricity in seventeen seconds and last half-hour.
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

2. Popup the XPen
Memo are referred to as out if the phone locks. Air command are referred to as out if the phone opens.
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

Air command includes Note, good choose, Memo, Screen write and Add shortcuts
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

Note: offer you real expertise and wonderful impact to drawing and writing
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

Smart select: Take screenshot as your preference
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

Memo: Write down your concepts anytime and anyplace
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

Screen write: personalise your screenshot
Add shortcuts: Add a lot of options into air command
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

3. Shortcuts
Unlock the phone, get near the screen. Press the button once to quickly decision out the air command Press the button doubly to quickly decision out memo.
How-To-Use-X-Pen-On-Infinix -Note-4-PRO

That all you need to know on how to effectively  use X-Pen on Infinix  Note 4 PRO.  Remember  to give us some feedback using the comment box below thanks.
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